Whether you are a fleet manager for a construction firm, an urban planner, or a utility manager in charge of purchasing and maintaining construction machinery, there are a number of must-haves that need to exist in a brand when searching for a heavy equipment dealer near me that offers real value in construction machinery for any industry. This article is intended to help fleet managers and other leaders learn what to look for in heavy equipment dealers near me that offer value across the board.

Look for Heavy Equipment Dealers Near Me that Actually Offer Convenient Locations

Just because you find a heavy equipment dealer near me doesn’t necessarily mean they are close. You will want to find construction machinery dealerships that are close enough to your work sites to actually accomodate your needs. When skid steers or backhoes need repairs, the dealership must be close to act quickly, give you immediate access to rentals, and have the spare parts on hand required to get your machine back on task. Case is famous for having a heavy equipment dealer near me offering the best construction machinery in the industry. Sonsray Machinery is one example: they have a heavy equipment dealer near me all over the country. In fact, they have the largest number of Case dealerships on the West Coast with numerous locations throughout Southern and Northern California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington. 

Look for a Heavy Equipment Dealer Known for Innovation

There are some really big names in construction machinery out there, yet they have never actually invented anything original–they are just a brand name that’s known because they invested millions in marketing. Then there are pioneering forces like Case construction machinery. In the mid 40s a water utility from Massachusetts put out the challenge for a heavy equipment dealer to design a single piece of construction machinery that could perform the tasks of three machines. Case answered back by designing the world;s first backhoe loader. When looking for a heavy equipment dealer near me, seek Case. After all, would you rather invest in a brand that copies other designs, or a construction machinery brand that innovates and stays ahead of the curve?

Find a Heavy Equipment Dealer Near Me with Top Service Teams

Why trust your investment in the hands of some run-of-the-mill mechanic who graduated from a trade school when you can back your investment with Case Master Technicians? When looking for a heavy equipment dealer near me, Case should be on your radar due to the exceptional skill level demonstrated by Case Master Technicians. These specialists were trained to only work on Case construction machinery, and all must earn the Master Technician title. This is easier said than done, as all must pass a demanding written and hands-on exam conducted by senior instructors known for throwing complicated challenges in their faces. A well maintained fleet of construction vehicles will mean less repairs. This also means your construction machinery will stay on task, at the project site, causing zero delays or further expenses. 

When looking for a heavy equipment dealer near me, seek Case construction machinery as the solution to your needs.