Rigid boxes, also known as set-up boxes, are popular packaging options for retail goods, especially for products that are associated with luxury. Most rigid boxes are four times thicker than a typical folding carton and therefore live up to their name’s sake suggesting they are very rugged and sturdy. Most packaging printing companies that offer rigid boxes to retailers don’t directly print on rigid boxes but instead use a special process for designing the box that coincides with various textures and coatings. This article will explain what rigid boxes are, how they are made and designed, and what types of brands and products generally invest in rigid gift boxes to enhance retail sales and improve the unboxing experience for the customer.

How are Rigid Boxes Made?

Rigid boxes can be made by machine, by hand, or through a process that combines both in which cutting and scoring dies are used to punch out the desired shape and size from chipboard. Then the sides of the rigid box are scored and folded. A machine called a Quad Stayer is then used to secure the sides together. Then a wrap is printed on (if necessary) and is trimmed to fit the box perfectly.

Rigid Box Wraps

These rigid box wraps can come in a variety of materials ranging from real leather or faux leather, plastic, velvet, vinyl, metal, silk, wood veneer or really anything you can think of for the most part. Rigid box wraps can also come in any color or texture. For example, many rigid boxes will have embossed wraps to add an extra layer of luxury to the product packaging, and to give buyers an added perception of value and luxury. In other words, if you want an embossed lime green rigid box wrap with a silver stripe of aluminium running down the center, any high-quality retail packaging company that does rigid gift box production can make as many of these as you want.

Types of Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes generally come in two parts: the lid and the box compartment itself. However, there are several types and styles of rigid boxes. For example, they can come in any shape. Most are either square or round, but some can be heart-shaped, star-shaped, rectangles, crescent-shaped, of anything you can imagine for most cases. Rigid boxes can be book style, collapsable, foldable, have a hinged lid or a flipped lid. They can come in a one or two-piece model, and some even have magnetic locking systems. Most have lift-off lids, though others flip lids and detachable lids. Some even have a slide style method for opening and closing, and some have a shoulder and neck design.

Best Products for Rigid Boxes

Most luxury brands that sell chocolates, electronics, jewelry and toiletries use custom rigid boxes for their packaging solutions. But any product can be presented and sold in a rigid box so long as it is affiliated with luxury. Accessories like wallets, watches and ties can come in rigid boxes, as can smoking pipes, glasses, pocket knives, or anything you can think of that is designed and engineered to be the top of the line.