We are surrounded by publicity, if you walk through the streets and turn anywhere you will see advertisements, if you are on the Internet any page you visit there is advertising, just like in social networks. Practically these ads live with us every day and are a way to encourage society to consume a certain product and service. Advertising acts unconsciously on the individual to carry out a behavior that, in this case, is the manipulation of purchase. In recent years has seen an increase in advertising directed towards plastic surgery, and one of the main factors of growth is because it has been perfecting the techniques of surgery thanks to technological advances.

What is advertising?

It is an indispensable tool in communication, its purpose is to create in society a desire for acquisition in certain products and/or services. Advertising is full of elements and symbols that have a meaning unconsciously in the individual, with these symbols you achieve or seek success and above all the acceptance of society. Advertising transforms the symbols present in its content to generate in the individual a sense of desire for the product or service. On the other side, there is another key element for advertising to be successful and in itself for a business or project to have it and that tool is marketing.

What is marketing?

It is in charge of identifying the needs that exist in society and satisfying them. Within this, there are variations that are born from the central objective and are directed to a specific area.

Medical Marketing: Due to the high demand for services and professionals, this tool has forced doctors to make marketing strategies to maintain or acquire more patients. Regarding the area of plastic surgery, professionals say that in effect, both marketing and advertising are essential in the growth of this area.

The combination of these two instruments, in a creative way, has led to a considerable increase in consumption in the field of beauty. Over the years, the concept of beauty evolves according to the time and society, where the latter dictates the trends and the population does its best to follow them, which is why both women and men opt for surgeries to help them achieve their physical ideal. That’s why they look for the best clinics of plastic surgery Tijuana, where surgeons can help them satisfy those desires in a safe and reliable way.

In most cases, advertising campaigns are focused on people who are concerned about their physical appearance and covering their ideals and this is where cosmetic surgeries come in. If the doctor wants to position himself in the market it is important to use publicity and marketing strategies that will allow him to carry out an analysis of the objective public to satisfy the current demands. For example, social networks have had a great impact on the increase of aesthetic procedures since the majority of the population is connected to these networks.

Definitely, if you want to reach more people, advertising is one of the fastest and easiest ways to acquire a larger audience, especially digital advertising. Some steps that can be done are:

  • Invest in digital advertising with striking and effective audiovisual elements.
  • Advertisements in social networks where promotions or services offered by the clinic or hospital appear.
  • Ads in search engines where the use of keywords allows the office page to appear among the first.
  • Invest and search for agencies that manage SEO for positioning in web pages.

With these steps and the good use of marketing and advertising, the clinic may have more patient traffic, it is important to remember that advertising must follow the regulations established by the country by which they are to be launched.