The health industry is one of the most competitive areas in the market, mainly when the company is dedicated to the care of teeth. The popularity that has gained the dental industry has generated that day by day; the competitiveness in the market is increasing. A dentist in Tijuana who wants to open a dental clinic must understand the concept of competition. Commonly, those who own a company believe that everyone is their competition, but they are not. It is essential that if a dental office wants to stand out and position itself, it must identify who its rivals are.

Why is it essential to know who the competition is?

The answer is simple, to gain more market. If the dentist determines which company is his competition, he will be able to develop strategies and methods that allow him to position himself in the minds of people and the market. The dentist must know what the rival offers to be able to reach the potential client; this will allow him to determine the differences between the different clinics. Likewise, you will be able to know the preferences or reasons that people have when looking for a dentist. It is necessary to emphasize that the strengths that are possessed are not differential points.

How can a dentist define his competence?

The competence of a dentist would be any clinic that the target public is considered as a second option. It does not necessarily have to be a dental clinic that does precisely the same procedures, but rather the patient’s goal is to find a place where they can meet their needs. And if another company can offer you what you are looking for, but at a lower price, people will often choose this option. That’s why they often have to look for strategies that help people feel more attracted to your clinic. Also, the dentist should conduct research and analysis to help them identify which methods the competition uses to improve them or to avoid those problems that other dental offices have gone through.

There are two types of competitors to which attention must be paid, mainly if the growth of the dental clinic is desired:

There are two types of competitors to which attention must be paid, mostly if the growth of the dental clinic is desired:

To which equals the differential points

To understand this type of competition a little better, it can be explained in the following way: If your dental clinic has as its differentiating point that it implements advanced technology for treatments. Still, another dental office also offers the same; then, it would be a question of analyzing the reason why a patient should go to their clinic and not another. So, this type of competitor is the one that shares the most similarities.

The one that offers something more attractive

In the area of health, one of the most attractive differentiating points for people is the treatment given to them. Therefore, those dental offices that offer not only the best of technological innovations but also plus tend to stand out more in the market.

Therefore, not all clinics are competitors, but those that resemble each other and those that offer something more attractive. The dentist must concentrate on these two competitors to stand out in the market. The other companies that do not fall into these two categories are not competitors; the dentist cannot compete with all of them; he has to concentrate on those that he considers being genuinely competitive.