The problem of technology and medicine

Technology has created many improvements in the world of medicine, which can be corroborated from plastic surgeons to Mexico dentists, and is currently booming a lot of applications, 599 to be exact that promise to identify breast cancer and experts have concluded that the majority develops without medical criteria.

Breast cancer affects more than 1.5 million women each year. In 2015, it caused 570,000 deaths, according to data from the World Health Organization. With the generalization of smartphones, apps have proliferated on this disease.

A study has analyzed 599 breast cancer apps available in the stores of the iOS systems of Apple and Android. The main conclusion, they said, is that most do not meet the necessary criteria so that their reliability can be evaluated.

80% of these apps do not cite the source from which they have extracted the data they handle.

Also, only a quarter of them has some warning or warning about their use. This means that if a woman has the disease, experiences some symptom or is worried and decides to use one of these apps, she will not find anything in them that will guide her in the search for the right help.

80% of these apps do not cite the source from which they have extracted the data they handle.

In most of these applications, there is no information on whether there have been collaborations with health entities in their preparation. And, although more than half promote treatments, they do not include the recommendation to consult with medical professionals.

Homeopathy and ‘alternative’ medicine
The results of the study indicate that most of the applications found under the breast cancer descriptor in the Apple and Google stores were free and directed to patients.

The most common type contained information about the disease and its treatment (30%) and 19% dealt with its management. The authors also noted that 15% addressed issues of awareness and awareness and that one in ten dealt with therapies with homeopathy and alternative medicine.

There are different levels of disinformation in these health apps, from a dubious material, which includes data on the disease without a source, too dangerous indications such as prolonged fasting or self-hypnosis sessions to neutralize cancer. All this brings us back to the importance that the information offered is validated.

Cómo registrar una marca comercial para tu empresa

El registro de marca en Mexico para el nombre de una empresa es bastante sencillo. Muchas empresas pueden presentar una solicitud en línea en menos de 90 minutos, sin la ayuda de un abogado. La forma más sencilla de registrarse es en el sitio web de la Oficina de Patentes y Marcas.
Antes de completar el formulario de registro en línea, consulte la base de datos del Sistema de búsqueda electrónica de marcas comerciales del sitio para asegurarse de que otra empresa aún no haya registrado una marca idéntica o similar para las mismas categorías de productos o servicios que ofrece. La protección de la marca de los EE. UU. Se concede a la primera entidad que utiliza una marca particular en el área geográfica donde opera, independientemente de si la marca está registrada. Pero si su marca elegida ya está registrada por otra empresa, incluso si la utilizó primero, su registro será rechazado y probablemente querrá un abogado que lo ayude a continuar.
El registro de la marca en línea cuesta y requiere información como las categorías de productos y servicios para los que se usará la marca, fecha del primer uso de la marca en el comercio y si hay un componente de diseño para la marca que está buscando. Las empresas de Internet que registran sus nombres generalmente deben abstenerse de registrar su extensión web, como .com o .net, con su nombre, a menos que estén planeando registrar la marca tanto con como sin ella. Obtener una marca sin la extensión de dominio ayudará a evitar que otras empresas registren el mismo nombre simplemente agregando una extensión diferente. No designe un diseño específico de su marca comercial para obtener la protección más amplia.
Debería recibir una respuesta a su solicitud dentro de los seis meses posteriores a la presentación, de acuerdo con el sitio web de la Oficina de Patentes y Marcas Registradas. Existen algunos escenarios en los que el registro a través de un abogado de propiedad intelectual o al menos la búsqueda de asesoramiento legal de antemano tiene sentido. Si su marca deseada es similar a otra marca registrada, o lo suficientemente similar como para confundir a las personas, hay una posibilidad decente de que su registro sea impugnado.
Además, es difícil registrar nombres que se consideran demasiado genéricos. Un abogado de marcas puede ayudarlo a encontrar una forma de obtener al menos algo de protección.

Evolve your advertising plan

It should not be unusual that the trends in marketing for next year go for the side of storytelling (the art of storytelling), the visual content and the hyper-personalized attention of each message. We can use this strategy to promote almost anything, from clothes to dental work in Mexico such as implants, veneers, etc. So if you want to improve your storytelling here are some important factors:

The visual:
The visual and multimedia contents are more important, being the indisputable heroes of next year’s marketing.

Why does this happen? It is for the ease to interpret them and the increase of engagement with users, achieving greater effectiveness than the text to be understood by our brain in a more agile way, communicating more in less time and appealing to our feelings.

Include informative videos and exceptional images of products or services in social networks draws attention and empathizes, being a very important information transmission tool.

Live broadcasts:

Closely related to the previous point is the issue of live broadcasts. It is one of the most popular trends in digital marketing, and streaming videos are trending.

One of the first social networks to offer this type of content was Google+ with Hangouts. Then came Snaptchat or Periscope. But again the battle for live broadcasts is hoarded by Facebook with Facebook Live and Instagram stories.

Say yes to the influencers

An influencer is a person who has a certain credibility on a specific topic and who, due to their presence and influence on social networks, can become an interesting prescriber for a brand. A clear example of this media figure is the case of youtubers, ordinary people who have made their way into the world of fame thanks to a video camera and a lot of ingenuity.

Artificial intelligence

It is increasingly common to receive automatic messages from companies and content creators. The implementation of automatic marketing strategies and chatbots have gained presence throughout this year, and will be essential for next year.